"KNOTS 2000" joint with "the 8th Korea-Japan School of Knots and Links"

July 31 - August 5, 2000


J. Birman C. Gordon G. T. Jin V. Jones
M. Kato L. Kauffman A. Kawauchi K. H. Ko
J. Levine Y. Matsumoto D. Rolfsen


The scientific programme will begin on Tuesday, August 1, and end on Thursday, August 3. The programme will consist of 50-minute invited plenary talks(11 speakers) and 20-minute section contributed talks (about 60 speakers). We plan to schedule 23 talks each day, 3 plenary talks in the morning and 20 contributed talks(in two parallel sessions) in the afternoon. Monday and Saturday of the week are for arrivals and departures. A guided tour is planned on Friday.


Gyo Taek Jin Ki Hyoung Ko Seungsang Oh (secretary)


The Proceedings of the conference will be published in a special issue of "Journal of Knot Theory and its Ramification" and a book in a series of Knots and Everything. Detailed information will be provided during the conference.


Limited financial supports are available for speakers. Participants who will give a talk may request support that covers living expenses including double room (quadruple room for graduate student), board and Friday guided tour.


A block of rooms will be reserved at Dragon Valley Hotel in Yongpyong Resort for participants. All reservations will be made by the organizer. The hotel restaurant serves Korean, Japanese and Western style food.


140 miles east of Seoul, just s few miles west of Sorak National Park and the beaches of the East Coast, Yongpyong Resort is famous for skiing in winter and scenic surroundings and leisure activities for every season. They offer swimming pool, fitness center and Korean style sauna. On Friday, August 4, a guided tour is being planned. A brief description of the tour contains stops at some historical sites and temples, and scenic places.


The most convenient way to Yongpyong resort is to arrive at the Kangnung local airport. Those coming from outside Korea must transfer to the domestic planes at Kimpo international airport, Seoul. Refer to the domestic flight schedules(click Kangnung). You can use a free airport shuttle bus service which stops at International Passenger Terminal 1 & 2 and the Domestic Terminal every five minutes(check a map). The organizer will provide the transportation between Kangnung airport and the resort on Monday for arrival and on Saturday for departure. To use this service, participants should notify their flight schedules by June 30, 2000 via e-mail.