How to prepare your presentation

    Presentation methods allowed (Please choose your method in the table below)
    1. Electronic File via Notebook + Beam Projector
      where a file can be either stored in your diskette or USB memory or sent to in advance and allowed file formats are PDF, PS, or PPT. If your PPT file contains font in your language, you must bring a notebook as well.
    2. Manuscript on A4 or letter paper via Document Camera + Beam Projector
    3. Transparencies via Overhead Projector

    There will be no blackboard but a small whiteboard will be provided only for supplementary purpose.

    Recommended method to prepare your presentation material
    1. Using TeX, please prepare your presentation in electronic PDF format and send it to in advance. All pictures must be also included electronically. This is good for Presentation Method I.
    2. Using hand writing, please prepare your presentation on plain A4 or letter-size papers instead of transparencies. This corresponds to Presentation Method II.
    3. If you use transparencies that have been already made, please bring copies (on plain papers) of transparencies with you. This corresponds to Presentation Method II or III.
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