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The 8th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics

January 9–12, 2012

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

Speakers List

Session Tetsuya Abe Jan 11 15:20~15:50 E11-103 On the r-shake genes of a knot PDF
Session Byung Hee An Jan 9 15:20~15:50 E11-102 Geometric automorphisms of braid groups on surfaces PDF
Session Sosuke Ashihara Jan 11 16:50~17:10 E11-103 A presentation of the fundamental biquandle of the n-twist spun trefoil PDF
Plenary David Bachman Jan 11 10:10~11:00 E11-304 Topological, PL, and geometric minimal surfaces PDF
Session Yongju Bae Jan 10 13:50~14:30 E11-101 Quandle colorings and Alexander polynomials of links PDF
Session Yuanyuan Bao Jan 11 16:00~16:20 E11-101 Finite negative unknotting number and Heegaard Floer homology PDF
Plenary J. Scott Carter Jan 12 11:10~12:00 E11-304 n-dimensional foams and cocycles that are associated to G-families of quandles PDF
Session Jae Choon Cha Jan 11 13:00~13:40 E11-101 Hidden torsion in 3-manifold groups and homology cobordism PDF
Tutorial Jae Choon Cha Jan 9 11:10~12:00 E11-304 An introduction to $L^2$-invariants I PDF
Tutorial Jae Choon Cha Jan 10 11:10~12:00 E11-304 An introduction to $L^2$-invariants II PDF
Tutorial Jae Choon Cha Jan 11 11:10~12:00 E11-304 An introduction to $L^2$-invariants III PDF
Session Jin Seok Cho Jan 11 15:20~15:50 E11-102 The optimistic limit of colored Jones polynomial PDF
Session Tomonori Fukunaga Jan 11 16:20~16:40 E11-102 On braid type theory of nanophrases PDF
Session Yukari Funakoshi Jan 10 16:50~17:10 E11-103 Pseudo-fiber surface and unknotting operation for fibered links. PDF
Session Qilong Guo Jan 11 16:50~17:10 E11-101 The annulus and disk complex is contractible PDF
Session Hiroka Hashimoto Jan 9 16:00~16:20 E11-103 On Conway-Gordon type theorems for graphs in the Petersen family PDF
Session Kenta Hayano Jan 9 16:20~16:40 E11-101 Four-manifolds admitting hyperelliptic broken Lefschetz fibrations PDF
Session Susumu Hirose Jan 11 13:50~14:30 E11-102 On diffeomorphisms over non-orientable surfaces standardly embedded in the 4-sphere PDF
Session Kyung Pyo Hong Jan 9 17:10~17:30 E11-102 Lattice stick number of small knots PDF
Plenary Kazuhiro Ichihara Jan 12 10:10~11:00 E11-304 Exceptional surgeries on components of two-bridge links PDF
Session Ayako Ido Jan 9 17:10~17:30 E11-101 On the distance of bridge spheres for knots PDF
Session Takanori Imabeppu Jan 10 16:50~17:10 E11-102 A property of normalized arrow polynomials of checkerboard colorable virtual links PDF
Session Ayumu Inoue Jan 10 15:20~15:50 E11-102 Quandle and link-homotopy PDF
Session Atsushi Ishii Jan 11 14:50~15:20 E11-101 Invariants for handlebody-knots derived from Yetter--Drinfeld modules PDF
Session Tetsuya Ito Jan 11 16:50~17:10 E11-102 The Lawerence-Krammer-Bigelow representation detects the dual Garside length PDF
Session Hye Jin Jang Jan 10 16:50~17:10 E11-101 New filtrations on homology cylinder group PDF
Plenary Gyo Taek Jin Jan 12 09:10~10:00 E11-304 Quadrisecant approximation of minimal polygonal knots PDF
Session Teruhisa Kadokami Jan 9 15:20~15:50 E11-103 On amphicheiral links PDF
Session Naoko Kamada Jan 9 13:50~14:30 E11-103 Index polynomial invariants of virtual knots and twisted knots. PDF
Session Seiichi Kamada Jan 10 13:00~13:40 E11-101 Twisted biquandles and invariants of twisted links PDF
Session Sungmo Kang Jan 10 14:50~15:20 E11-101 The primitive/primitive and primitive/Seifert knot in $S^3$. PDF
Session Akio Kawauchi Jan 9 13:00~13:40 E11-103 Topology of prion proteins PDF
Session Hee Jung Kim Jan 9 13:50~14:30 E11-102 Knotting surfaces in four-manifolds PDF
Session Min Hoon Kim Jan 11 17:10~17:30 E11-101 Whitney towers and Casson-Gordon style invariants of links PDF
Session Taehee Kim Jan 11 13:50~14:30 E11-101 Concordance class of the Hopf link PDF
Session Teruaki Kitano Jan 10 13:00~13:40 E11-103 On the Alexander polynomial of a knot as an obstruction for SL(2,Z/n)-representations of a knot group PDF
Session Toshitake Kohno Jan 9 13:00~13:40 E11-101 Quantum and homological representations of braid groups PDF
Session Yuka Kotorii Jan 10 16:20~16:40 E11-102 $\bar{\mu}$ invariant of nanophrases PDF
Session Hwa Jeong Lee Jan 9 16:00~16:20 E11-102 Arc index of pretzel knots of type $(-p,q,r)$ PDF
Session Jung Hoon Lee Jan 11 13:50~14:30 E11-103 Critical Heegaard surfaces obtained by amalgamation PDF
Session Minjung Lee Jan 9 16:20~16:40 E11-103 Exactly 14 intrinsically knotted graphs have 21 edges. PDF
Plenary Fengchun Lei Jan 9 10:10~11:00 E11-304 Link invariants from homotopy groups of the 3-sphere PDF
Session Fengling Li Jan 9 16:00~16:20 E11-101 On symmetry-structural links and the loop space of $S^{3}$ PDF
Session Youlin Li Jan 9 14:50~15:20 E11-103 The support genus of certain Legendrian knots PDF
Session Jianfeng Lin Jan 9 16:50~17:10 E11-101 The fixed subgroup of automorhpism of cofinite volume Klein group PDF
Session Ximin Liu Jan 9 13:00~13:40 E11-102 Involutions on spin 4-manifolds PDF
Session Jiming Ma Jan 11 14:50~15:20 E11-102 Delaunay inversive distance circle packings and hyperideal Fuchsian polyhedra with particles PDF
Session Hidetoshi Masai Jan 9 16:50~17:10 E11-103 Volume preserving moves on hyperbolic graph and its applications PDF
Session Masayuki Matsuo Jan 9 16:20~16:40 E11-102 Page moves on arc presentations PDF
Session Yasuyuki Miyazawa Jan 11 13:00~13:40 E11-102 The HOMFLY polynomial and admissible values PDF
Session Hiromasa Moriuchi Jan 11 15:20~15:50 E11-101 On connected sum of generalized Kinoshita's theta-curves PDF
Session Inasa Nakamura Jan 10 16:00~16:20 E11-101 Unknotting numbers of torus-covering knots PDF
Session Takuji Nakamura Jan 10 14:50~15:20 E11-103 Non-identical twin groups of virtual knot PDF
Session Masayuki Niimura Jan 10 16:00~16:20 E11-103 Epimorphisms between knot groups and special values of colored Jones polynomials PDF
Session Ryo Nikkuni Jan 10 13:50~14:30 E11-102 On invariants of knots and links in a spatial complete four-partite graph $K_{3,3,1,1}$ PDF
Session Sung Jong No Jan 9 16:50~17:10 E11-102 Upper bound on lattice stick number of knots PDF
Session Takefumi Nosaka Jan 11 16:20~16:40 E11-103 On a topological interpretation of quandle cocycle invariants of classical links. PDF
Session Hyo Won Park Jan 11 16:00~16:20 E11-102 A minor-closed class on graph 2-braid groups PDF
Session Toshio Saito Jan 11 13:00~13:40 E11-103 Meridional destabilizing number and connected sums of knots PDF
Plenary Shin Satoh Jan 9 09:10~10:00 E11-304 Virtual graph presentations of ribbon surface-knots PDF
Session Akiko Shima Jan 10 13:00~13:40 E11-102 Linear 4-charts with four crossings (joint work with Teruo Nagase) PDF
Plenary Ayaka Shimizu Jan 10 10:10~11:00 E11-304 Games based on region crossing changes PDF
Session Reiko Shinjo Jan 10 15:20~15:50 E11-103 Every link has a (3,4)-diagram PDF
Session Minkyoung Song Jan 10 16:20~16:40 E11-101 Milnor's invariants and Hirzebruch-type invariants of homology cylinders PDF
Plenary Yang Su Jan 11 09:10~10:00 E11-304 Free involutions and $Z/p$-actions on simply-connected 5-manifolds PDF
Session Masaaki Suzuki Jan 10 13:50~14:30 E11-103 Epimorphisms between knot groups and the images of meridians PDF
Session Toshie Takata Jan 9 13:50~14:30 E11-101 An algebraic formula of the Witten-Reshetikhin-Turaev invariant for 3-manifolds PDF
Session Hideo Takioka Jan 10 16:20~16:40 E11-103 The zeroth coefficient polynomial of a $(2,1)$-cable knot PDF
Session Kokoro Tanaka Jan 10 14:50~15:20 E11-102 Interpretation of rack coloring knot invariants in terms of quandles PDF
Session Kenta Taniguchi Jan 11 17:10~17:30 E11-102 On free knots PDF
Session Koushirou Wada Jan 11 16:00~16:20 E11-103 On two-point homogeneous quandles PDF
Plenary Shicheng Wang Jan 10 09:10~10:00 E11-304 On slope genera of knotted tori in the 4-space PDF
Session Jianchun Wu Jan 10 15:20~15:50 E11-101 Free degrees of homeomorphisms on compact surfaces PDF
Session Yoshiro Yaguchi Jan 9 14:50~15:20 E11-102 Homological invariants of Hurwitz equivalence on tuples of simple braids PDF
Session Zhiqing Yang Jan 9 15:20~15:50 E11-101 Some new results on new knot invariants PDF
Session Kouichi Yasui Jan 9 14:50~15:20 E11-101 Nuclei and exotic 4-manifolds PDF
Session Qiang Zhang Jan 10 16:00~16:20 E11-102 Bounds for fixed points and fixed subgroups on graph manifolds PDF
Session Ying Zhang Jan 11 14:50~15:20 E11-103 Finiteness of integral points in relative moduli spaces of the one-holed torus PDF
Session Yanqing Zou Jan 11 16:20~16:40 E11-101 Unstabilized Heeggard Splitting PDF