NameFengchun Lei
AffiliationDalian University of Technology
Talk typePlenary
TimeJan 9 10:10~11:00
TitleLink invariants from homotopy groups of the 3-sphere
Title: Abstract: We introduce the homotopy groups of spheres as link invariants for Brunnian-type links through the investigations on the intersection subgroup of the normal closures of the meridians of strongly nonsplittable links. The homotopy groups measure the difference between the intersection subgroup and symmetric commutator subgroup of the normal closures of the meridians and give the invariants of the links obtained in this way. Some examples are given that their difference could be detected by the higher homotopy-group invariant but could not be detected by the Milnor invariants. This is a joint work with Jie Wu and Fuquan Fang.