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The 8th East Asian School of Knots and Related Topics

January 9–12, 2012

KAIST, Daejeon, Korea


From Incheon Airport(ICN) to Toyoko Inn(Hotel)

We highly recommend taking Airport Bus.

By Airport Bus

  1. Go to the "Inside Bus Ticket Office" as below
    Airport Bus
  2. Buy a ticket for Daejeon (대전), cross the road and wait for the bus at Bus stop 9D.
    Bus schedule and Fare : 22,100 Won (After 22:00, 24,300 Won)
  3. Take a bus to Daejeon.

    Note : 9D is a bus stop for several other cities; ask the driver or people nearby whether the bus is right, i.e., going to Daejeon.

  4. After exiting the highway and passing the toll gate, get off the bus at the Government Complex bus stop (about 2.5 hours).
    Government Complex bus stop

    Note 1 : Occasionally, there is a short break (15 min) at a highway resting area before getting to Daejeon.

    Note 2 : Often, "Government Complex" is the 2nd bus stop, unless there is a 0th bus stop :

    • 0th stop (if someone requests) : right after the toll gate : a few people might get off here.
    • 1st stop : Daedeon Lotte Hotel : a few people get off here.
    • 2nd stop : Government Complex Building (Jeong--Boo--Cheng--Sah) : in a busy downtown, near cafes (such as a big sign of "Holy's Coffee") and shops. Most people get off here.
    • 3rd stop (final) : Daejeon Eastern Express Bus Terminal

    So before getting off, it would be safe to ask the driver "Is this stop Jeong--Boo--Cheng--Sah?" or, show the following sign (asking the same question).

    Is this stop Jeong--Boo--Cheng--Sah?

    Note 3 : Even if you miss the 2nd bus stop, at any of the above stops you can easily take a taxi to Toyoko Inn at a reasonable cost(<10,000 Won); in this event, see Taxi Cards.

  5. Walk 15 minutes (less than 1 kilo meters), or take a taxi to Toyoko Inn(Hotel). See the direction below.
    How to get to Toyoko Inn

By Train

From Gimpo Airport(GMP) to Toyoko Inn(Hotel)
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Campus Map Legend

KAIST Campus map
E1 Main gate
E2 Industrial Engineering & Management B/D
E2-1 - Dept. of Knowledge Service   Engineering
- Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
E2-2 Dept. of Industrial & Systems Engineering
E3 Information & Electronics B/D
E3-1 Dept. of Computer Science
E3-2 Dept. of Electrical Engineering
E3-3 Image Processing B/D
E3-4 Semiconductor B/D
E4 KAIST Institutes B/D
E5 Faculty Hall
E6 Natural Science B/D
E6-1 Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
E6-2 Dept. of Physics
E6-3 Dept. of Biological Sciences
E6-4 Dept. of Chemistry
E6-5 GoonNi Lavoratory Building
E7 Biomedical Reserch Center
E8 Sejong Hall
E9 KAIST Library
E10 Storehouse
E11 Creative Learning B/D
- Office of Student Affairs
- Office of Admissions
E12 Energy Plant
E13 Satellite Technology Research Center
E14 Main Administration B/D
- Office of Academic Affaris
- Office of Research Affaris
- Office of Management and Planning
- Office of Academic Planning
- Office of Administration
- Office of Special Projects and
   Institutional Relations
E15 Auditorium
E16 ChungMoonsoul B/D
E17 Stadium
E18 Bio Model System Park
E19 National Nano Fab Center
E20 Kyeryung Hall
E21 Medical Center
W1 Appiled Engineering B/D
- Dept. of Materials Science &
- Dept. of Civil and Environmental
- Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular
W2 Student Center-1
W2-1 Interntional Center
W3 Galilei hall
W4 Heemang Hall, Dasom Hall
W5 - 1,2,3 : Married Students Housing
- 4,5 : Interntional Villiage A,B
W6 Mir Hall, Narae Hall
W7 Nanum Hall
W8 Educational Support B/D
W9 Outdoor Theater
W10 Wind Tunnel Laboratory
W11 International Faculty Apartment
W12 West Energy Plant
W16 Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Center
N1 East Gate
N2 Branch Administration B/D
N3 Sports Complex
N4 School of Humanities & Social Science B/D
- Language Center
N5 Basic Experiement & Research B/D
N6 Faculty Club
N7 Mechanical Engineering B/D
N7-1 Dept. of Nuclear & Quantum Engineering
N7-2 Division of Aerospace Engineering
N7-3,4 Division of Mechanical Engineering
N7-5 Automobile Technology Laboratory B/D
N9 Practice B/D
N10 KAIST Branch Library
N11 Cafeteria
N12 Student Center-2
N13 Tae Wul Gwan
N14 Sarang Hall
N15 Bachelors Housing-2
N16 Somang Hall
N17 Seongsil Hall
N18 Jilli Hall
N19 Areum Hall
N20 Siloe Hall
N21 Jihye Hall
N22 Alumni Venture Hall
N23 fMRI Center
N24 LG Semicon Hall
N25 Dept. of Industrial Design B/D
N26 Center for High-Performance Integrated Systems
N27 Eureka hall
N28 Energy & Environment Research Center

Phone Numbers

More Taxi Cards

Please go to Toyoko Inn Hotel near Government Complex.
Please go to Daejeon Station.
Please go to Seoul Station, to take KTX.
Please go to KAIST.