The 6th KAIST Geometric Topology Fair

joint with NIMS Workshop for Geometry and Topology

A workshop on geometric topology
including knot theory, manifold theory, and related topics

November 16-17, 2006

National Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon, Korea

The aim of this workshop is to encourage academic activities in the area of geometric topology in Korea and promote friendly relations between researchers in this area. This year we focus on knot theory and low-dimensional manifolds. We hope this workshop contributes to acceleration of research in this field.


Ki Hyoung Ko (KAIST) and Gyo Taek Jin (KAIST)

Workshop Organizer

Do Sang Joe (Konkuk University)

Confirmed Participants

An, Byoung Hee KAIST
Cha, Jae Choon ICU
Nafaa Chbili KAIST
Choi, Suh Young KAIST
Dhrubajit Choudhury KAIST
Ha, Jea Soon KAIST
Huh, Young Sik Hanyang University
Hwang, Taek Kyu KAIST
Jeon, Choon Bae    Daeduk College
Jin, Gyo Taek KAIST
Joe, Do Sang Konkuk University
Kim, Hun KAIST
Kim, Jee Hyoun KAIST
Kim, Jin Hong KAIST
Kim, Min KAIST
Kim, Se Goo Kyoung Hee University
Kim, Tae Hee Konkuk University
Ko, Ki Hyoung KAIST
Lee, Gye-seon KAIST
Lee, Jae-eun KAIST
Lee, Jang Won KAIST
Lee, Hwa Jeong KAIST
Lee, Jung Hun Konkuk University
Lee, Sang Jin Konkuk University
Park, Hyo Won KAIST
Park, Seo Jung KAIST
Song, Won Taek    ICU


November 16 Academic programs (details will be announced later)
November 17 Academic programs

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