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  • Braid Public-Key Cryptosystem
  • Braid Key Agreement Scheme

  • Digital Signature Schemes using Braid Groups(2001/12/19/04:37:13)
     We proposed digital signature schemes using braid groups.
    Our schemes take advantage of a gap between the decision version and
    the computational version of the conjugacy problem in the braid groups.
  • Update news - CBraid(2001/12/19/12:46:24)
     CBraid is a C++ class library that implements algorithms for computations in braid groups
  • Welcome to Home of Braid Cryptography!(2001/12/18/08:05:16)
     We'll contain the following contents:
    1. News on Braid Cryptography
    2. New results on Braid Cryptography
    3. Library on Braid Cryptography

  • Results

  • PKC 2001 - Totorial on Braid Cryptosystem(2001/12/19/08:24:20)
  • Signature Schemes Using Braid Groups(2001/12/19/06:40:04)
  • Asiacrypt 2001 - An Efficient Implementation of Braid Groups(2001/12/19/01:33:03)
  • Provably Secure Public-key Encryption Scheme Based on Braid Groups(2001/12/19/01:24:12)
  • Crypto 2000-New PKC using braid groups(2001/12/18/08:23:23)


  • CBraid: a C++ library for computations in braid groups


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