Knot Theory & Cryptography Research Group
Photo Collection

At Daedoon Mountain 2001.03.03
At Chilgab Mountain 2001.04.07
At Dr. Kim's Wedding Ceremony(Won Young Kim) 2001.04.21
At Gubong Mountain 2001.05.04
At Korean Traditional Maedup Seminar 2001.05.08
At KCRG Home Comming Day 2001.05.19
At KCRG Special Seminar 2001.05.22
At Greeting party for doctors degree 2001.05.31
At Songni Mountain 2001.06.02
At RIMS(Kyoto), Nara and Osaka 2001.06.10 - 06.23
At Topological Analysis of Manifolds and Submanifolds(Dedicated to Jerome Levine's 65-th birthday)Tel Aviv, Israel, 2001.08.05 - 08.10
At The conferment of a degree(Hun Kim,Yangyop Lee), 2001.08.17
At The exhibition of korean traditonal knots and accessories, 2001.09.01-09.15
At Dr. Huh's Wedding Ceremony(Young Sik Huh), 2001.09.22.
At Dr. Kim's Wedding Ceremony(Hun Kim), 2001.09.23
At Dukyou Mountain, 2001.10.06
At Naejan Mountain, 2001.11.03
Dr. Cha's Daughter, 2001.11.08
At Greeting party for doctors degree 2001.11.22
At Korea-Japan Joint Topology Seminar 2001.12.10 - 2001.12.11
At The 9th Japan-Korea School of Knots and Links, Nara, Japan 2002.01.14 - 2002.01.17
At The dinner party given by Dr. Dooho Choi 2002.01.21
At The conferment of a degree(Dooho Choi) 2002.02.15
At Cheontae Mountain 2002.03.16
At Korea-Japan Topology Seminar on Spatial Graphs 2002.03.21-23
At The Strawberry Party 2002.04.04
At Korea-Japan Topology Seminar 2002.05.27-30
At Topology Seminar on 3-Dimensional Manifolds 2002.07.08-12
At Knot theory Seminar 2002.07.23-24
At GEOMETRIC TOPOLOGY - A Satellite Conference of ICM 2002, Beijing 2002.08.12-16

At Topology Seminar 2003.08.20